Owner Gregory A. Hastings AIBD, degreed in architectural engineering, has been in business since 1988. Prior to venturing out on his own, he worked for several local design/build firms where he designed many developmental projects.   With a business in the South Eastern Sussex County area, he has, through the years, had the honor of having his projects displayed in the Beach & Bay Cottage Tour, which benefits the Friends of the South Coastal Library.
The examples shown here in this website are just a very few of the projects that have been created through the years. Hastings prides himself on having the ability to listen intently to his client and express their idea on paper accurately, setting aside his ego or the pursuit of an architectural design award. Offering many options, he realizes that the client’s taste and function of the project are the most important characteristic of the design.

Architecture, whether  a Historical Lighthouse that looks over the Atlantic or a modern 21st Century high rise that dots a city skyline, has its purpose: to serve a need as well as to have an aesthetic appeal through time.


The design of a new home is like anything else in that a step-by-step procedure is involved. At Hastings  Associates LLC, we take pride in the fact that we keep the client involved in each step along the way, from the initial meeting through the selection of the contractor. The following outlines the entire process:

  • At the initial meeting, we will discuss the client’s ideas including the client’s wants in terms of style and design, space requirements, budget, and construction time line.
  • At our next contact (either in person or via mail, email, or by phone), we will discuss the schematic drawing done to scale according to the initial meeting. Based upon this meeting, we will make any revisions and corrections that the client desires.
  • In addition, once the initial concept has been created, the proper agencies will be contacted for preliminary reviews (i.e., Fire Marshall, Department of Natural Resources, Planning and Zoning, Department of Transportation, etc.). Depending on the project and the site requirements, receiving approval from these agencies can be very time consuming.
  • We now come to the critical point in our discussions. Following the requested revisions of the schematic, it is the client’s responsibility to make some final decisions. The time line now will be controlled not only by our ability to respond to your requests but your promptness in making the necessary decisions. This is the point where time can be lost.
  • The above steps will be repeated as many times as necessary until we are completely satisfied that the project is exactly what you want. During these next few sessions, we will discuss specific details such as window placements and sizes, finishes, and other fine points.
  • Once it is determined the preliminary is completed to the client’s satisfaction, written consent of the client will then authorize the preparation of the final detailed drawings.
  • Upon completion of the drawings, the client may present them to the contractor or they may go out for fair and competitive bids to three or more contractors. If competitive bidding is chosen, the bids will then go to the client who will select a contractor with whom to work.